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Moving with Pets? How to Prepare and Help them Adjust

Moving with Pets? How to Prepare and Help them Adjust

Your pets are an important part of your family and, as such, shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to the moving process. Your pets are highly tuned to your everyday schedule and the stress of preparing for a move will not go unnoticed. There are several things you can do as you lead up to moving day, and on moving day, to make sure your pets are calm and cared for.

Pet Friendly Neighborhoods

For starters, don’t forget about your furry friends when you search for your new neighborhood. Make sure it’s pet-friendly, especially if you have dogs. Are there parks and trails? Other animals? A lot of sounds or traffic that will become bothersome? Make sure the new atmosphere is both welcoming and safe.

Change Stinks

Pets don’t like change – at all. Especially cats. The best thing you can do is start bringing moving boxes into your home early so that the animals can see them, get a feel for them, and get used to having them around.

Moving Day Safety

Your pets should not be allowed free access to your home on moving day. Confine them to a single empty room or send them to a friend’s house for the day. This will reduce anxiety and keep them from becoming scared and bolting out your front door. If you can’t find a friend’s house, consider checking them into a pet hotel or kennel for a day. It may not be ideal, but they’ll be safe.

When you get to your new home, do the same thing as you did on moving day – give your pets a single room to settle into first. Include food, water, treats, toys, and whatever else will make them comfortable. Make sure people are finished with the in and out to trucks and cars, and allow your pets access to new rooms a little bit at a time. If you have a cat, you’ll want to make sure this room is especially quiet to keep anxiety levels low. Dog or cat, be sure to stop and spend time with your pets in this quiet space so they don’t feel ignored.

There’s a lot to keeping pets safe and secure during a move, but making sure they’re part of the plan will ensure nothing gets overlooked. Talk to your real estate agent if you need referrals to pet-friendly services to help you out during the moving process.