Are You Looking to Buy or Sell a Home in Essex Fells, NJ?

Homes for Sale in Essex Fells, New Jersey

Essex Fells New Jersey is a borough located in Essex County. The current population is over 2100 residents, and the town ranks the 10th Best Place to Live in New Jersey according to New Jersey Monthly magazine. Regarding real estate in the area, Essex Fells consists mostly of single family homes. The median home value index according to Zillow is $757,100, making Essex Fells a wealthy and sophisticated place to live. Fortunately, Essex Fells has been able to retain the value on its properties, while also maintaining their high-end image. But that’s not to say that the borough’s properties haven’t been affected at all.

Properties have steadily dropped since 2007, when the average home value was over $1 million and now sits at the mid-$700s. This is the lowest it has been during the recession. Only 15 homes have sold as of recently, while approximately 20 more are up for sale. While this number is low, homeowners aren’t concerned with selling their properties. Essex Fells is serious about privacy, and residents choose not to sell or rent in a market like this.

One of the interesting elements to the borough is that with no apartment buildings, townhomes, office towers, restaurants or even traffic lights, there isn’t much traffic going in or out of Essex Fells. In fact, if you don’t live here or know someone who does, you don’t need to travel through here at all. This keeps the area quaint and family-orientated, adding to the sophisticated image that Essex Fells has worked hard for.

Most of the homes were built before WWII and were custom-built, which means no two houses are the same. Homes sit on acres of land and are stunning to say the least; packed with character and history. All of these points have led Essex Fells to not only stand out in the state of New Jersey, but also in the nation. It has been ranked No. 149 on the list of 250 of the wealthiest properties in the United States.

For those who have children in the Essex Fells community, students attend Essex Fells School District, which serves students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Essex Fells School is small, with a student body of 250 students. When students are in seventh grade, they attend the West Essex Regional School District that serves students from RoselandNorth Caldwell and Fairfield. This district includes the West Essex Fells Junior High and West Essex Fells High School.

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