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Preparing Your Home for a Fall Listing

Preparing Your Home for a Fall Listing

Oh, the fall is such a lovely time to sell a home. The lull in the summer market caused by casual shoppers who have paused their house hunts to go on vacation ends. People find themselves back in a regular routine, the kids are back in school, and those who have been considering a move start putting more serious effort into their searches. And your home will be ready and waiting.

Your Home’s Landscape

Take some time to spruce up your home’s landscape. Get that lawn mowed one last time before it gets too cold, pull the weeds, and plant a few nicer, fall flowers. Mums are colorful and fall-like and can be planted or placed around your landscape in large, decorative pots. Place a couple of nice pumpkins on the step (note – pumpkins – not carved jack-o-lanterns), keep your lawn raked (or hire a lawn service), and make sure your home’s siding is clean and free of damage. Chips in the paint will begin to show more as trees and shrubs lose leaves when going dormant for the winter. Don’t go overboard. Keep your outside décor simple.

Home Repairs

No one wants to buy a home that needs a lot of work right before the holidays. Make sure your home is “move-in ready” by making any of the improvements and repairs it will need. If you already know you’ll need new carpeting, or that a room needs paint, take care of those things. Save yourself the hassle of a negotiation or delay in settlement.

Make the House Cozy but Bright

Natural light is incredibly important, but it becomes more scarce during the fall months and people are more likely to look at homes after work (when it’s dark) or on the weekends. Make sure all of your lighting fixtures have warm but bright bulbs so the home feels bright and open.

Make sure our home feels cozy as fall buyers are coming in and out during times where temperatures are trending towards cool. Drape an afghan over your sofa; leave out a few unlit candles; and make sure you have wood near the fire place if you have one. Make sure the home is clean, tidy, and appealing all around. You might even want to put a comforter that appears more cozy and warm on the bed.

Fall is an incredible season and the opportunity you have to sell your home before the winter is huge. Talk to your real estate agent about other things you can do to take advantage of the season when staging. You’ll be surprised at how much interest your home receives.