Caldwell Weather

Residents who live in the area of Caldwell, New Jersey can attest to the fact there are four distinct seasons, all of which are beautiful and exciting. Caldwell experiences a good portion of the typical New Jersey coastal weather that includes everything from winter storms to summer hurricanes. This means it’s a good idea to always be prepared for Mother Nature.

During the fall and early winter months, Caldwell often experiences warmer temperatures than that of the interior regions. This is due to the ocean air being warmer than the land. In the spring Caldwell weather is often slightly cooler than the interior, as the ocean breezes keep the temperatures lower. Residents of Caldwell will find a great variety of gradual temperature fluctuations due to the Atlantic Ocean being adjacent to the land.

Although coastal storms are not terribly common, they are gracefully tolerated by Caldwell residents several times a year. The most notorious months for such weather lie between October and April when storms track over land and coastlines that often bring heavy rains and strong winds. If you’re a new homeowner in Caldwell, you can expect to suffer through at least one of these storms a season.

When storm season is upon New Jersey it’s a wise idea to be prepared for anything. Having a well-thought-out family plan can go a long way to reducing or perhaps even avoiding stress and undue hardship. This can include foreseen hurricanes to sudden winter storms that have the potential to bring down power lines and delay or even halt transportation.

One of the best ways to prepare for these potential storms is to watch the news. Keeping up to date on what’s happening and being adequately informed can help you and your family with the proper preparations to ride out anything Mother Nature has in store. If you’re properly prepared you can easily turn a winter storm into an at-home holiday and enjoy a day or two with the family.