New Jersey Real EstateReal Estates Sales November 12, 2013

More Buyers Keep the New Jersey Housing Market Strong

If you have managed to survived the housing market crash thus far, you don’t have much more to go. The North Jersey market has been very lively this past spring season, giving homeowners a bit more hope that they will be able to successfully climb out of the worst housing bust since World War II. What has been helping the market to grow? Low interest rates, low home prices and added job security.

Bergen County remains one of New Jersey’s strongest markets, but all of the state’s counties have seen growth. What has changed compared to last year is that it’s not just a buyer’s market anymore; it’s both a buyer’s and a seller’s market. Low interest rates and low housing prices make now a great time for new homebuyers. After all, when will you see interest rates at 4 percent again?

At the same time, there is a low inventory and plenty of buyers, which means that there is a seller’s market going on as well. Sellers don’t have to accept low-ball offers or take the first person who bids on the house. In fact, some sellers were surprised to see that their house sold for more than what they put it on the market for just because people out-bid each other. It’s a great feeling, and the market has become an even playing field for both buyers and sellers, good news for the future.

What we hope is that these homebuyers keep the market going strong. A lot of buyers have a “buy now, pay less” mentality, and they want to jump in now before it’s too late. They see prices and interest rates going up, and they know they don’t have much time. Buyers are tired of waiting; they know that the best prices and rates are behind us. This is great for sellers, who are also tired of waiting. Is this the start of a healthy market? We sure hope so!