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New Jersey Real Estate Weathering Market Swings In Real Estate Weathering market swings in real estate requires a combination of proactive planning, strategic decision-making, and adaptability. Here are some strategies to help you navigate market fluctuations: Diversify Your Portfolio: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your real estate investments across different types of properties (residential, commercial, industrial) and different geographic locations. This […]
New Jersey Real Estate Agent Cedarcrest Realty Offers Training and Support for Real Estate Agents at all Levels of Experience Real estate brokerages may seem pretty much the same to most consumers. But for real estate agents, there are significant differences working at CENTURY 21 Cedarcrest Realty. It’s all in the training and professional development the brokerage provides. John Sass, broker owner of Cedarcrest Realty, knows how important training and continuing education are in real […]
New Jersey Real Estate NJ Police & Firemen: Take Advantage of this Excellent Mortgage Program New Jersey police officers and firefighters who are buying a home can take advantage of an excellent mortgage program through the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System Mortgage Program. The current rate is only 2.83% (compared to a conventional 30-year mortgage today at 6.699%) so we encourage any first responder who’s on the market for a […]
New Jersey Real Estate The Benefits of Real Estate Staging The practice of real estate staging isn’t new—it was first introduced in the 1970s—but it has become an increasingly popular and important tool for real estate agents and homeowners selling a home. Staging a home enables potential buyers to really see the full view of the property and helps them envision how they would use […]
New Jersey Real Estate Market How to Make the Best Home Purchase Offer in Seller’s Market Low Housing Inventory and High Demand Mean Buyers Must be Well-Prepared As we noted in a previous post, the real estate market in New Jersey, especially northern NJ, is very tight, with low inventory and high demand—and bidding wars. With the current inventory challenge being the number one concern on most real estate consumer’s minds, […]
New Jersey Real Estate First-time Home Buyer? Don’t Get Hung Up by That 20% Down Payment The New York metro real estate market has seen big shifts since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the area, with many city dwellers seeking out the suburbs to get away from crowded urban areas. They now want open space and great quality of life at a better cost of living when compared to NYC. Another shift […]
New Jersey Real Estate Buying and Selling Real Estate During the Pandemic While we all work through the COVID-19 pandemic, the business of real estate continues in different ways. For homeowners wishing to sell and prospective buyers looking for their new home, conducting real estate transactions continues, with modifications. CENTURY 21® Real Estate LLC has been a national leader in real estate technology, with strong marketing and […]
CENTURY 21® News CENTURY 21 Cedarcrest Realty Announces 2019 Award Winners for Service and Sales from CENTURY 21® System and NJ REALTORS® It’s awards season again at CENTURY 21 Cedarcrest Realty! Broker owner John Sass and members of the Cedarcrest Realty team recently attended the CENTURY 21® annual awards gala at the Venetian in Garfield. We celebrated and honored the winners from our office of several CENTURY 21® awards, which are presented to agents and offices that […]
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New Jersey Real Estate Is a Winter Season Home Sale the Right Time for You? Even in northern New Jersey, which has a healthy real estate market, it’s hard to know whether or not seasons play in the home sale cycle. With the cold temperatures and inevitable snow and ice, many homeowners—and home buyers—may feel it’s better to wait until spring. Not so fast! There are actually strong reasons to […]
New Jersey Real Estate The Business of Being a Commercial Real Estate Agent Working in commercial real estate is quite different from helping home buyers and sellers—you’re working with business owners and investors with a very different inventory. A commercial transaction might deal with multi-family, mixed-use, retail, or office space. Therefore, successful commercial real estate agents must know about sales and leasing in a broad array of property […]
New Jersey Real Estate Getting Ready to List Your Home – Steps You Can Take to Add Value for Buyers Getting your home prepared for a listing with a real estate agency is an exciting time. Of course, your agent will want to be excited about your listing and bring as many qualified prospects as possible. Is your real estate professional providing you with guidance about how to add value to your home? These home […]
New Jersey Real Estate Tips The Advantages of Owning vs. Renting If you’re currently renting your home and have always dreamed of buying, this might be the right time for you to make the choice to swap over to home ownership. Many people are worried about this step in life. They fear they are not ready yet, that they won’t get approved or that they won’t […]
New Jersey Real Estate Tips House Flipping: Is It for You? Maybe you’ve heard of house flipping or seen it on TV. It’s really grown as a method of making money and there are even reality TV shows about it. So how do you know if house flipping is for you? Really, no one else can make that decision except for you. You’re the only person […]
New Jersey Real Estate Tips How to Deal with Buyer’s Remorse in Real Estate How to Deal with Buyer’s Remorse in Real Estate   Buyer’s remorse is not uncommon at all. Buying a house is a major decision and every person who has the mindset of an adult is going to question major decisions they make. They have fears concerning their finances and future, and that’s actually healthy. It […]
Real Estates Sales What Does the Chinese Market Mean to US Real Estate? What Does the Chinese Market Mean to US Real Estate? The global market has huge reach. A piece of political turmoil in one country, especially when it includes finance or banking, can have a ripple effect that spans the globe – shaking confidence, making people nervous about investments, altering interest rates, and more. More recently, […]
New Jersey Real Estate Tips How to Entice Buyers to Look at a Vacant Home How to Entice Buyers to Look at a Vacant Home You had to move to your new home before your old one sold. No matter what the circumstances that forced your early move, the truth is that you now have a unique selling situation. You have a vacant home to show and sell. While that […]
New Jersey Real Estate Market How Much is Too Much When Determining Your Maximum Buying Price? How Much is Too Much When Determining Your Maximum Buying Price? A lot of thought and planning goes into determining the price range a person should look in when buying a home. A lot of people set a range with a minimum and maximum – the minimum being a base for expectations and the maximum […]
New Jersey Real Estate Market That’s Not Fair! How to Determine a Realistic Asking Price for Your Home That’s Not Fair! How to Determine a Realistic Asking Price for Your Home Determining the asking price for a home has to be one of the most difficult parts of the selling process. You’ve spent weeks, maybe months, preparing your home for sale – making repairs and upgrades – and you want to get the […]
New Jersey Real Estate Tips Mortgage Rates Expected to Rise Slightly Going Into 2015 Mortgage rates expected to rise slightly going into 2015 While mortgage rates will reflect an individual’s credit history, income and current debt/income ratios, Freddie Mac predicts average mortgage rates will go from 4.3% to 5.0%. This is widely thought to be the result of an improving U.S. economy. Competition for borrowers and declining credit score […]
New Jersey Real Estate Top Benefits of Homeownership Owning a home is more than the American Dream. It’s a decision that offers financial, social and emotional benefits. Still, buying a home is a big step, and the initial costs associated with it can scare people away. If you’re contemplating buying your first home or re-entering the housing market after renting for some time, […]