New Jersey Real Estate January 1, 2014

7 Reasons to Move to New Jersey

Are you thinking about moving to New Jersey? Many New York residents are faced with this decision at some point as they contemplate leaving behind the busy city life for a quiet, suburban life. Here are seven reasons why moving to the Garden State may not be such a bad idea!

1. Jersey City: A Cheaper NYC

Jersey City has been growing for years and offers an abundance of restaurants, waterfront apartment buildings, farmer’s markets, theaters and state parks. It delivers stunning views, and real estate prices are far less than in NYC.

2. Fresh Garden Vegetables Off the Shore

The Garden State isn’t called ‘the Garden State’ for no reason. Find some of the freshest produce from farmer’s markets where you can support the local economy and eat sustainably. New Jersey corn off the shore is a local favorite.

3. Endless Diner Choices

Forget the five-star restaurants. There are plenty of diners in the Garden State, and they offer a great dining experience as well as equally great food. Some of the local favorites include boardwalk fries, hoagies, pizza, pasta and sandwiches.

4. No Need to Pump Your Own Gas

It’s basically illegal to pump your own gas in NJ. No matter where you go in the state, a gas attendant is standing by to do the hard work. There’s just simply no reason to get out of your car or smell like oil. Ever.

5. We’re Dense…Densely Cool That Is

New Jersey may have a dense population, but that makes our state all the more interesting. We have an intricate system of highways, major roads and railways that make getting to work on time actually doable. Also, New Jersey Transit can be seen in just about every town.

6. Access to Nearby States

Thanks to a strong system of roads, railways and public transit, NJ residents can get to cities like Manhattan or Philadelphia in a flash. This means that you can work in one of the cities, earning a higher income, yet retreat back to your quiet suburban household at night.

7. Geographically, we are Awesome

New Jersey is simply beautiful. We get to experience all four seasons and have the lovely Jersey Shore to spend the summer months at. Plus, we are minutes away from some of the best cities, including Manhattan and Philadelphia. Our state alone has over 75 historic sites and resort cities.