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How to Stay Organized While Packing for a Move

How to Stay Organized While Packing for a Move

Moving day is approaching rapidly and you’re dragging your feet. Why? Because packing (and unpacking) are quite possibly the two worst parts of the move. Making sure everything you have gets to the right place can be quite the feat, but we have some tips that may help.

Make Lists

Don’t roll your eyes. Lists are important to a successful move. Start by making a list of each room in your new home and assigning it a letter or a number – “D for dining room” or “K for Kayla’s room.” Make sure each box you pack is clearly labeled with the letter of the room it should be put in upon arrival at your new home. Just make sure you give each room its own unique letter. Use a sharpie to write on the box, and when you get to the new home, write the letters on Masking tape and put them on the room doors so that those helping you move don’t have to guess which room is which.

If you need specific items to be found sooner rather than later, give those boxes an additional label or symbol – a star for the box that has your bathroom towels and toiletries; or for the box that has your most-used eating utensils. You’re going to want to be able to find those boxes first.

Plan in Advance

Don’t let your move sneak up on you. No matter what, you likely have an idea of when you’d like to move. Your circumstance will determine how much notice you have. About two months before a move you should be obtaining and organizing your child’s school records, start researching new school systems and amenities near your new house, and creating your to-do lists. About six weeks out you should be able to order packing supplies (or start looking for free ones), take measurements in your new house, and start tossing things you aren’t taking with you.

A month before your move you can start packing and looking to hire a moving company, if you’re using one. If you’re not, you’ll still need to make a reservation for a truck and start soliciting friends and family for help. Make sure your car has had a proper tune-up and make sure you have the time off of work you need.

Make sure every member of your household has an overnight bag packed with a change of clothes, toiletries, medications, and daily essentials. This way you won’t have to search for clothes and needed items the second you get to your new house.

Moving takes a lot of work, but with some careful planning you can make it a less stressful experience. Ask your real estate agent if you need referrals to moving companies and local services. They can often help you get settled in your new neighborhood.