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Just Moved? Time to Make Some New Friends

Just Moved? Time to Make Some New Friends

A lot of people worry about how pets and children will adjust after a move. Adolescents and teens are incredibly social yet often have a hard time finding new peer groups and making friends. And while these are all obstacles that are often overcome, we often handle these issues without considering how the adults in the house will adjust socially to a move.

Wait. What? Yes, you. The adults. It doesn’t matter if you moved 20 minutes from your old house or 200 miles away. You are in a new neighborhood and just dropping everything for a cup of coffee with your friend up the street won’t be possible unless you make a few new friends in your new vicinity.

Making New Friends

Making new friends doesn’t mean you have to ditch your old friends, but you need to have a social circle you can turn to locally. Here are a few ways to meet people in a new area:

  • Join a meet-up group. Look online for local meet-up groups happening in public places and go check one out. You probably won’t be the only one there who hasn’t met anyone in the group before, and you may just find that commonality to bond over.

  • Find a sports team to join. Love soccer? Love baseball? There are adult fun-leagues all over the place. Find one and you’ll not only get some great exercise but will make friends with a common interest.

  • Take a hobby class. There are plenty around, from new paint studios to ceramic classes. Maybe sewing, knitting, or even sign language. Check out the adult classes that are often listed in community brochures or college catalogs and see if something interests you.

Setting Guidelines

Here is where things will get hairy. First, you need to become more comfortable with yourself. You need to be willing to have dinner in a restaurant – alone; to go grocery shopping in a new store – alone; to take a class where you may not meet a new friend – alone. Go to a museum; check out an art gallery; check out the local coffee shop’s open mic night. Just go and open yourself up to opportunity, whether it be enjoying the experience or striking up a conversation with someone new.

At the same time, you need to have guidelines for the types of people you’ll allow into your life. If something strikes you as odd about a person you see at a meet-up, don’t feel obligated to exchange contact info – or don’t use it when given. If you have fun, get an email address. If you keep calling people but they never call you, look to find other people who will reciprocate your friendship in a friendlier way.

Not sure what to do? Talk to your real estate agent. Many are familiar with the areas in which they are selling and can probably help you to find the resources you need to get out there, have a little fun, and meet some people in the process.