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Psssst! Summer is Still a Great Time to Sell Your Home

Psssst! Summer is Still a Great Time to Sell Your Home

Traditionally, the summer months aren’t the absolute best for selling a home. While those with an urgent need to move appreciate the flexibility of being between school years or even jobs, most people are more focused on vacations. Add the stifling heat in most areas to the equation and it might seem like you’ve got a recipe for disaster; or at least no results. Truth? It’s definitely feasible to sell your home in the summer.

Why This Summer Matters

Check this out. Did you notice how bad the winter months were this year? It was worse the previous winter, but different regions – especially the northeast – were pounded by storm after storm. This means the normal winter buying season was slowed as people were nervous about going out to look at homes between bouts of snow and ice. What does that mean to you? There are lots of potential buyers out there who are behind their self-imposed schedules, still looking for the right house.

The Drawbacks of the Summer

Selling your house during the summer means knowing and understanding the challenges. We already mentioned vacations. We mentioned school being out but that’s both a challenge and a help. People who are ready to move want to do so in the summer, but may have settled on their homes earlier. People buying in the summer, with children, have childcare and attention issues to deal with, making it harder to find a home while towing children around. Make your home a warm and inviting atmosphere for families, even altering the way it’s staged a bit to appeal to a family.

Flexibility is Key

During the fall and winter, even spring, people like to look at homes while there is natural light outside. That means for the majority of the year showings take place during the day or very early evening hours. But in the summer the sun lingers longer, meaning people may want to see your home later – maybe even after dinner. While this may be disruptive to your regular schedule, you’ll need to be flexible to allow for more interest.

Don’t let the naysayers fool you. According to the Huffington Post, in 2014 more than 60% of homes were bought and sold between May and August. That’s a rather large number for a season that gets a bad wrap in the real estate market. Talk to your real estate agent for help if you aren’t sure when to list your home. You may be surprised at the results you get.

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Summer Home Sale Tips: How to Take Advantage of the Season

Summer Home Sale Tips: How to Take Advantage of the Season

The summer months are great for home sales. Lawns are lush and green, with flowers in full bloom, and homes look light and airy. Families with children love to move during the summer months, as the break between school years often makes for an easier transition. Add the fact that there is no ice or snow to deal with and you’ve got the formula for a great home-selling season. So what can you do to take advantage of it?

Focus on the Outdoors

It is harder for people to visualize themselves using outdoor space during the winter months, but the summer months provide a great opportunity to showcase your patio areas, grilling areas, swimming pools, deck areas, or any outdoor living space. Even if you don’t have a formal patio, you should still consider setting up some outdoor furniture so visitors can see how the space might be used.

Showcase that Pool

Make sure your swimming pool, if you have one, is clean and well-maintained. Check it daily for debris, make sure the pumps are running properly, and make sure your gates and protective mechanisms are also in good repair. In the hot weather, your potential buyers will appreciate the concept of a nice, refreshing swim.

Run Your Air Conditioning

Yes, you are moving. Yes, you are trying to save some money. Find a comfortable, cool temperature so that potential buyers visiting your home will feel refreshed when they step inside from the heat. You don’t have to turn the house into an ice box, but make sure you aren’t cutting corners on comfort.

Declutter the Yard

You’ve decluttered the inside of your house, now make sure the yard looks nice as well. Children’s toys should be organized, not scattered around the yard. The garage should look organized and well-kept. Gardens should be weeded and the lawn should be mowed. Oh, and if you have a dog? Please do a daily sweep to make sure the yard is clean.

Lighten Things Up

Make sure you take down any heavy drapes that will block natural sunlight. Add some fresh-cut flowers throughout the house, or even some potted flowers outside, to add lots of color. Don’t go overboard. Just make sure the home looks bright, spacious, and inviting.

The summer months are really great for home sales, with estimating that 50% of all home sales are made during this season. Talk to your realtor about how to step things up a notch and you, too, might be moving before it gets cold again.