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How to Stage Your Home for a Summer Sale

How to Stage Your Home for a Summer Sale

You’ve already read a lot about staging your home, we’re sure. The good news is we’re going to bypass the basics about cleaning, decluttering, and making basic repairs. Instead we’re going to focus a bit on some of the things you can do to showcase your home’s summer features.

Curb Appeal is Key

Curb appeal is key during the summer months. Show off your home’s potential by highlighting all of the lovely outdoor accents you can. Buy a fresh, new welcome mat to put outside your front door and keep the lawn mowed. Look at the little things around your home. Do the windows need to be washed (inside and out)? Can you add a few potted plants on the steps or in window boxes? Add a layer of fresh mulch to your garden beds. Mulch makes garden areas look finished and helps keep the weeds away.

Accentuate Outdoor Living Space

Do you have a porch, deck, or patio? A clean, decluttered outdoor living area will actually make your property appear larger; as opposed to clutter, which will shrink the visual perception of space. Make sure your outdoor furniture is clean and replace or recover the cushions if you need to. Hose off the deck or patio regularly to keep it free of outdoor debris. Check your porch lights to make sure they’re in good working order and consider accentuating your gardens or outdoor living spaces with rechargeable LED lights for an added glow.

Prepare the Pool

Does your home have a pool? You may have hesitated to open it this season while planning for a move, but you really should open it up, clean it, and make it a centerpiece. Have your chemicals maintained, clear debris daily, and make sure all of the motors and safety mechanisms are in good working order. Don’t let the pool get over-crowded with floats and toys. Create an area in which your prospective buyers can imagine themselves relaxing with family and friends.

Interior Decisions

While the warm home color themes you had during the winter months may have been inviting, they’ll make the home feel closed off in the summer months. You may want to consider repainting walls to lighter, more neutral colors and then accenting each room with summery pillows and art pieces. Painting is work, but combined with open, airy windows and natural light, this change can make a huge difference when it comes to selling your home.

There’s nothing particularly pleasant about the summer heat, but many people embrace the summer months over the winter blues. It’s important to show your prospective buyers how functional your home and outdoor living areas can be. Ask your real estate agent if you need help!