5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Odds of Selling Your Home Faster

5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Odds of Selling Your Home Faster


Even when the market is slow, there are ways to make sure that your home sells as fast as possible. Most people think that to make a fast sale you have to take a loss or less money than you really want to for the house. That isn’t the case at all. In fact, you have a good chance of getting exactly what you want for it. Just implement a few simple concepts.


Offer Accurate Details


Most buyers today are looking online before they go anywhere else. That means you have a prime opportunity to find the perfect buyer for your house just by offering accurate details. Take a look at some of the suggestions below for accuracy and transparency.

  • Feature multiple clear images. Let the buyer see exactly what you have. Don’t skimp on the photos. Your buyer shouldn’t have to ask for more images, but should be able to daydream using the existing ones.
  • Present a realistic price. If you want to sell your home fast, don’t plan on haggling. Many buyers assume that you won’t come down on the price, so they keep browsing if yours is too high. Set the price for the amount that you really want.
  • Share information about the area, including nearby shopping areas, transportation services, and so forth.


De-Personalize the Home


When someone comes to look at the house, they shouldn’t be able to tell that you have pets or love crafting. Instead, let them imagine their own life in your house by decluttering it and removing most of the décor. Empty space makes a home look bigger, but it also allows them to imagine how they might use it.


Be Flexible about Showing


Keep an open schedule so that you can show your house at the convenience of the buyer rather than your own convenience. Sacrificing some of your free time is a small price to pay for a quick sale.


Use Social Media


One source reported as many home sales from Facebook as any of their other resources. Make sure your home is listed on all the right sites and promote it yourself in social media. After all, the people in your circle are likely to be in your area, and most likely to share with those interested in living there.


Make Improvements


Tend to those little issues that have been driving your nuts for years. Potential buyers should be impressed from the minute they pull into the driveway. Paint walls, clean the carpets, and maybe even install some new landscaping and modern fixtures.


Put the Duct Tape Away: Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

Put the Duct Tape Away: Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

A lot of people are shocked at the amount of work it actually takes to sell a house. The real estate agent comes in and starts talking about repairs and staging and suddenly your world is spinning. Some might try to cut corners, making simple fixes that aren’t designed to last, but that’s not the way to go. Here are some mistakes you’ll want to avoid during the home sale process.

Testing the Market without Making Repairs

Sometimes sellers think they can “test” the market by putting the house up right away. They think they’re testing, but they’re really trying to figure out if they can sell the house as-is. They probably can’t, and you can’t, so don’t bother. Make sure the home is properly cleaned, make sure any needed repairs are done completely (no duct tape or temporary fixes), and clear out the clutter. Take the process seriously from day one.

Cleaning the Inside but Not the Outside

Spending hours inside your home while ignoring the outside is a complete waste of time. Pull the weeds from your garden, mow the lawn, and spruce up your gardens. Make sure the front door is painted, the trim isn’t flaking, and that the gutters are in good repair. And please – please, please – clean up after your pets.

Not Monitoring Pets and Children

Speaking of pets, make sure they are off-premises (or at least crated) during home visits. Make sure your kids are away or quiet as well. Potential buyers need to visualize themselves in your home and screaming children, messy playrooms, and animals don’t help the situation – especially if your potential buyer has a pet fear or allergy.

Keeping Secrets

Secrets are bad in the world of real estate. Tell your real estate agent if your faucet is dripping or if one of your walls just showed signs of a leak somewhere. Better safe than sorry. You can make a repair, but you might not be able to handle a lawsuit if a buyer comes after you later for withholding important information.

Setting Poor Price Points

Be realistic when pricing your home. There is a lot of competition out there and your home will need to have some very special features to compete. Talk to your real estate agent about appraising your home to find the actual sale price. She’ll also be able to give you information about the pricing on comparable homes in your area.

Lacking Patience

Not every person or couple who walks through your door is “the one.” They may seem really excited about your home and then go to the next one, which they think is even more exciting. Patience means trusting your real estate agent’s process, being willing to leave your home during showings, and having realistic expectations.

The process of selling a home is full of intricate details and isn’t one to take lightly. Talk to your agent if you aren’t sure where to start, or how to avoid mistakes that will cost you a sale.